Alex Tourski


Alex was born in Severodonetsk (Ukraine) and now he lives in the Netherlands. He is a serial entrepreneur with degrees in Computer science and MBA. His career started in the Soviet Mars program “Phobos” in 1988. After Perestroika he worked as a business consultant for EBRD. In 1998 he participated in one of the first implementations of VPN/IPsec with Sun Microsystems. In 2004 his NavMaps company introduced the car navigation industry in Russia and was sold to TomTom in 2006. Later on he took took control of the High Speed Rail line construction between Moscow-St.Petersburg. In 2011 Alex founded the izi.TRAVEL platform in Amsterdam, which is now the largest storytelling platform in the world, with 50000+ content providers (incl 3000 museums). In 2020 Alex invented the Post-Platforms concept. The project has an ambitious goal to reshape the world of platforms via introduction of competition between them in a very simple way: by disconnecting data from platforms. It will return the control over their content to people and introduce the Web 3.0 Data Space.