Chris Chen

COO, Shenzhen SD Technology Limited

Chris Chen, COO of Shenzhen SD Technology Limited, is a pioneering entrepreneur and expert on big data and fintech in Hong Kong and China. Prior to Shenzhen SD, Chris held various management and data analytics positions at HSBC, SAP and IBM. Mr. Chen has extensive experience in market share and competitive intelligence study for sales and marketing planning, customer segmentation, portfolio management and strategy formulation in Asia Pacific.

Chris is a frequent guest speaker and presenter at GBA regional forums and key industry events, such as Entrepreneurship Youth Summit with over 500+ Hong Kong students and China Banking Conference with over 300+ banking top management.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, a Master of Applied Statistics from Sheffield Hallam University, PhD in Management Science from The City University of Hong Kong and a fellow and chartered statistician of the Royal Statistical Society. He is also an endurance sports lover and finished over 50 overseas and local triathlon races.