Elfi Goesaert

R&D researcher and project lead, VITO

Elfi Goesaert holds a doctoral degree in Psychology, doing research in the field of neuroscience on visual perception at KU Leuven (Belgium). After a couple of years as a postdoc looking at the organization of the visual cortex using machine learning techniques, she switched tracks and started at Domus Medica on out-of-hours care. In 2016, she became project manager ICT and eHealth, and worked on several federal and Flemish projects on eHealth and the digitization of healthcare (e.g. medication scheme, GDPR and secure communication in health, eHealth training for health care professionals,… ). In 2021, she joined the VITO Datascience Hub to further develop projects on a citizen-centric data platform (We Are), to put health data back under control of the citizen. Connecting projects are BIBOPP, focusing on preventive health, and the SAVE DATA project, on developing business cases using the We Are platform. The citizen-centric platform adheres to Caring Technology principles, that connect in many ways to the MyData principles.