Henrik Biering

CEO, Peercraft

A generic innovator, Henrik Biering worries about the criticism and regulation, but continued reliance on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. He prefers to focus on why people are attracted to these services and then replace them with new superior services – from the perspective of individuals as well as companies.

Henrik worked as a product manager with global suppliers to telco operators at the time when the incumbent national operators were first subjected to competition – resulting in vastly increased innovation and reduced end-user pricing. He believes that the conditions for a similar disruptive development of the platform based ecosystems are now in place.

In 1997 he founded a combined social network and C2C marketplace that he developed as a hobby until receiving the Danish national e-commerce award in 2004.

Since then Henrik has focused on identity management as a means to reduce online fraud and harassment. His company Peercraft was involved in the development of OpenID Connect and Henrik served as a board member for the OpenID Foundation. In recent years, however, he has become convinced that a fundamental shift in focus from consumer to merchant identity management will be instrumental for the empowerment of individuals.

Henrik took part in the efforts to found Mydata Global. He is currently a member of the Steering Committee and regards the association as the natural venue for evangelizing his views and cooperate on producing solutions.