John Phillips

Co-founder, Sezoo

John Phillips is an expert in Digital Trust frameworks (such as Self-Sovereign Identity), is a co-founder of Sezoo, and leads the 460degrees Ventures, Emerging Technology and Education practices.
John believes that open-standard digital trust technologies such as verifiable credentials and decentralised identifiers provide an opportunity for radically improving digital trust for people, organisations, and things at a personal, social and global scale. He sees the application of these technologies as a disruptive force for improvement, and wants to be a catalyst for that change, helping people and organisations navigate their way to a better future.
Focused on Digital Trust initiatives since 2017, John was one of the global authors invited to contribute to the “Self-Sovereign Identity Decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials” book, and wrote the chapter on explaining the value of SSI to business.
Since co-founding Sezoo in 2021, John has worked with the Sezoo team on digital trust projects with Australian Federal and State governments, major financial institutions and scheme operators, and medical data research organisations.