Karolina Mackiewicz

MyData Global / ECHAlliance

Karolina Mackiewicz (MA Political Sciences, MA Futures Studies) has over 12 years of professional experience in cross-sectoral cooperation for health and wellbeing, incl. public health, urban health and connected health.

She worked for the WHO European Healthy Cities network, leading the WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Sea Region, and the Development Manager at MyData Global – an international non-for-profit advocating for a human-centric approach to personal data. When it comes to digital health, as a head of innovation projects unit of European Connected Health Alliance, she is especially interested in how technology and data can support the sustainable health systems of tomorrow, health literacy and socio-economic determinants of health. Karolina advocates for the citizen-centric data sharing governance framework to boost the secondary use of data for better health and wellbeing.