Lotte Olthof

Young Professional, InnoValor

Lotte Olthof is currently working as a Young Professional at InnoValor Advice. Recently, she has completed her two-year master’s degree in business administration with a specialization in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Strategy (University of Twente) and Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (Technical University Berlin). These degrees have been completed by the delivery of an explorative thesis that aims to provide insights through interviews with personal data operators, and experts in the field, to discover key challenges, and alternative business models. This is needed due to new regulations that have been developed to limit the ability of data-driven organizations to exploit personal data. For example, Europe seeks to improve data sovereignty by enforcing mechanisms to store personal data in a decentralized manner under the user’s control, or by prohibiting the processing of data unless consented by the individual end-user or data owner. With these developments, challenges occur in how to develop socially desirable data-driven business models.

With the help of the MyData community, Lotte was able to contact personal data operators and experts that were willing to share their insights as a part of her thesis.