Marcelle Ngounou

Policy Director, Gender in STEM, Afroleadership


I am Marcelle NGOUNOU, Afroleadership Executive Team member, Policy director gender in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

With the fast adoption of the internet, increasing usage of social media network in Africa, I have been interested on the usage of all information shared by consent or not by users, threats and opportunities related to those data.  In 2018, I joined MyData as I strongly believe people should be aware and empowered on the management of their personal data as well as have the ability to specify who can use their personal data and granted or revoked access in a simple manner.

I have served as program officer during the MyData 2019 conference which has been a great experience to work with people passionate about personal data around the world.

At Afroleadership, we believe Africa shall be part of the digital economy and can benefit tremendously from it with the dynamism and youthfulness of its population. We have launch MyData Africa Network, which I lead and organized monthly discussions around personal data management, efficiency of digital rights and data privacy laws in the continent.

At the last Autumn General Meeting, November 2021, I have been elected as Steering Committee Member, representative of organization members. I have the honored to chair the committee where we support the leadership team with regular feedback on their activities and alignment with MyData Principles and strategy.

Passionate about children protection on the internet and data they generate and leave behind while using internet services, I am part of the MyData4Children Working Group where we push the reflection on Digital protection and consent for children. It is a great adventure, where we have been solicited by the UNICEF to comment and share insight on the manifesto “Towards a New Governance Regime for Childrens Data “

I am also a runner lover and dream get a qualification for the 2023 New York city Marathon

Thank you.