Marco Mellia

Politecnico di Torino & PIMCity project coordinator

Marco Mellia is a full professor at Politecnico di Torino, Italy, where he coordinates the SmartData@PoliTO centre where more than 50 researchers work on Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent approaches, with applications these to different areas, from cybersecurity to predictive maintenance, from anomaly detection to privacy preserving marketplace solutions. Marco is co-funder of Ermes Cyber Security SRL, a start-up which provides advanced anti-tracking solutions for business scenarios based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He coordinates the H2020 PIMCity project focusing on technical solutions to untangle the online ads and privacy ecosystem. Marco is Fellow of IEEE, winner of the IRTF ANR Prize, inventor of 13 patents, and author of more than 250 research articles.