Marie-José Hoefmans

Chief Essential Officer, Schluss

Marie-José Hoefmans is the spokesperson for the Schluss movement. Founded in 2015, Schluss is committed to nothing less than reversing the dataflow on the Internet and putting users back in control of their own personal data so that they can decide for themselves who can know what about them.

It is largely to her credit that Schluss’s pursuit is not seen as a boast or a wild fantasy, but as a realistic prognosis. As a result, more and more people and organizations endorse the Schluss objective and become convinced that this is the direction in which the internet must change, and they help with the development, expansion and financing.

Marie-José has a background in business development, marketing and communication and has worked for large international and smaller organizations and for a number of years from her own company. She speaks the language of technology and software. And social relevance makes her heart beat faster.

Schluss has developed a virtual vault that only you and no one else can access. Not even Schluss. In this vault you can store all your personal data in a vault and well-arranged way. From simple address details to the most confidential medical records. You can make this data available to others: companies, organizations and governments, but also family and friends. Especially if you receive relevant services in return. But you can also withdraw this access in whole or in part if you have reason to do so. You remain in control of your data at all times.

The technology behind Schluss is Open Source. Schluss explicitly invites everyone to participate and develop. Companies, organizations and governments can also support Schluss. With knowledge, manpower and money.

Schluss is a social venture and is not for profit. For a small amount per year you as a user gets access to a virtual Schluss vault, you become a member and thus co-owner of the cooperative to be established in the future.

Schluss is eager to work with anyone who thinks the same way about the future of the Internet.