Mikael Rinnetmäki

Founder, Sensotrend Oy

Mikael searches for sustainable business models for digital health solutions as the founder of diabetes startup Sensotrend, advances interoperability between healthcare IT systems as the FHIR ambassador of HL7 Finland, advocates for patients’ access to high quality treatment as the chairman of the Regional Network of Diabetes Associations in Pirkanmaa, and seeks to advance the adoption of new technologies for diabetes treatment as the vice chairman of the Diabetes Unit of Sailab – MedTech Finland. Mikael has been active in MyData since 2012. He lives with type 1 diabetes and holds a M.Sc. in computer science.

Sensotrend makes life with diabetes easier by visualizing data and deriving actionable insights from dozens of medical devices and wellness trackers and facilitating sharing the information with healthcare professionals and peers. Sensotrend is one of the first health related use cases in the Gaia-X network, a winner of the Fair Health Data Challenge by Sitra, and a founding member of the MyData Global organization.